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Nevada Clips 7.28.2011


  • RJ – Marshall takes aim at Amodei in new TV spot – LINK
  • AP – Marshall focuses on taxes in first campaign ads – LINK


  • RJ – Reactions to default uncertain – LINK
  • RJ – Congress faces narrowing window to resolve FAA impasse – LINK
  • LV Sun – Will the debt ceiling crisis trigger political magic? – LINK
  • LV Sun – Obama could go it alone on debt limit; Reid still talking compromise – LINK
  • AP – House GOP set to vote on revamped debt-limit bill – LINK
  • AP – Fear over debt fight hits investors – LINK


  • RJ – Good news, bad news – LINK
  • RJ – Now the gasoline tax isn’t enough – LINK
  • LV Sun – Republicans show they don’t care about the consequences of their actions – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Stop playing to the cameras and start dealing on the deficit – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Commentary by Tyrus W. Cobb: Here’s an apology and a retraction to state Supreme Court justices – LINK


  • RJ – Casino MonteLago opens new sports book Sept. 1 – LINK
  • LV Sun – Law school graduates face flooded job market – LINK
  • LV Sun – Boyd narrows losses; CEO says company ‘turning a corner’ – LINK
  • RGJ – Real Estate: Builders association looks to employment as key in rebound – LINK


  • RJ – Cherchio challenges North Las Vegas election – LINK
  • RJ – Rural residents oppose Rhodes’ plan for Blue Diamond Hill – LINK
  • RJ – McCarran workshop will try to demystify process for bids – LINK
  • LV Sun – Former NLV councilman contests election loss in court – LINK
  • LV Sun – Burning Man festival sells out, but state loses out on tax revenue – LINK
  • RGJ – Tourism agency’s CEO choice of backs out, Mark White will not come to Reno – LINK
  • RGJ – Sparks lands federal money for traffic enforcement crackdown – LINK
  • RGJ – Nevada legislators rated on support of animal bills: Ira Hansen of Sparks gets F, Sheila Leslie and David Bobzien of Reno get A+ – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – $3 million loaned to Incline for water treatment project – LINK


  •  RJ – Low-level nuclear waste to be shipped through Nevada – LINK
  • LV Sun – Southern Nevada projects low on water priority list – LINK
  • RGJ – Thriving on a desert island in Northern Nevada – LINK
  • RGJ – Fernley company earns national recognition for recycling – LINK


  • AP – States brace for grad rate dips as formula changes – LINK
  • RGJ – Washoe School District, teachers union heading to mediation – LINK
  • Daily Sparks Tribune – Budget cuts, employee talks usher in new school year – LINK

Nevada Clips 7.27.11


  • LV Sun – Who will win the game of ‘Congressional Survivor’? – LINK
  • RGJ – All four candidates to appear in RGJ-sponsored House debate – LINK
  • RGJ – Should all 4 candidates be invited to congressional debate in Reno? – LINK


  • RJ – Berkley to sponsor corporate tax break legislation – LINK
  • RJ – Nevadan lawmakers report surge of calls, emails – LINK
  • RJ – Is there a strategy to debt-limit posturing? – LINK
  • AP – Reid, Boehner debt plans both lack votes to pass – LINK
  • AP – Reid: Boehner debt plan won’t survive House – LINK
  • LV Sun – Strife over rural Nevada airport halts projects at McCarran – LINK
  • LV Sun – Heller says he won’t vote for debt plan that’s ‘not good enough’ – LINK
  • LV Sun – Reid criticizes Boehner’s debt-ceiling plan as clock ticks – LINK
  • RGJ – Reid faces ‘ultimate test’ in deficit talks – LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press – Tuscarora, Montello, Deeth on list – LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau – Cato Institute Senior Fellow Says Federal Government Spending Must Be Cut To Sustainable Levels – LINK


  • RJ – Environmentalists try to block logging near Tahoe – LINK
  • RJ – Gauging prices – LINK
  • LV Sun – Republicans’ position on debt ceiling poses a threat to economy – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Are we witnessing the end of an American institution? – LINK


  • AP – Local home prices decline while those in other big cities rise, data show – LINK
  • RJ – Taxable sales surge 7.2 percent – LINK
  • LV Sun – Boyd Gaming loses money in 2nd quarter, partly on costs related to Mississippi River flooding – LINK
  • LV Sun – Taxicab industry on fast track to recovery – LINK
  • LV Sun – Clark County posts taxable sales increase in May – LINK
  • LV Sun – California buyers going after sales of Nevada homes – LINK
  • RGJ – Economy: Taxable sales in Washoe County rise again – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Taxable sales show solid gains in May – LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau – Nevada Has Biggest Increase In Food Stamp Caseloads – LINK


  • RJ – Every vote at every address counts in North Las Vegas – LINK
  • LV Sun – Mexican cartels picking up slack in meth production – LINK
  • LV Sun – Peddlers, performers clogging the Strip troubling to resorts – LINK
  • RGJ – Sparks steps up to spare Senior Citizens Center from closure – LINK
  • RGJ – Saving Sparks senior center: ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ – LINK
  • RGJ – Washoe agrees to pay 8,700 Incline Village court-ordered tax refunds – LINK
  • RGJ – Reno officials look into electronic billboards again – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Lyon County residents worry ordinance change would hurt advisory boards – LINK
  • Daily Sparks Tribune – County OKs its portion of senior center agreement – LINK


  • RJ – Lueders selected as new director for Nevada BLM office – LINK
  • AP – Tests at reservoirs raise fears of quagga spread – LINK
  • LV Sun – Public to hear NV Energy’s north-south transmission line plans – LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times – Las Vegas doesn’t want Nye County water, attorney says – LINK


  • RJ – Clark County School Board may hire attorney – LINK
  • LV Sun – UNLV reports possible information security breach from 2008 – LINK
  • RGJ – School Zone: Accountabality policy will hold schools to goals – LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times – Layoffs stretch school district resources – LINK



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Political Update


Obama Holds Town Hall At University Of Maryland

  • The President held a town hall at the University of Maryland on Friday to talk about the work of strengthening our economy and the importance of adopting a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. Debt ceiling negotiations are ongoing.   READ MORE.
    • TPs are below and attached.

Talking Points: The President’s Town Hall

  • The President held a town hall at the University of Maryland to talk about the work of strengthening our economy and the importance of adopting a balanced approach to reducing the deficit.
  • There’s no question our economy hasn’t recovered as fast as we’d like.  The reality is that it’s going to take a while longer.  A lot of the challenges we’re facing today – like sluggish job growth and stagnant wages – were issues long before the economic crisis struck.
  • The recession and the challenges faced by middle class families weren’t created in a day, and we can’t solve them in a day.  But we’re going in the right direction.
  • The President won’t be satisfied until every American who wants a job can find one.  That’s why he’s working unceasingly to boost job creation and economic growth so that Americans can feel confident in their futures and in their kids’ futures.
  • But in the long run, the strength of the American economy will depend on how we address our debt and deficits.
  • For a decade, America has been spending more money than it’s been taking in.  A number of initiatives were undertaken but not paid for – from engaging in two wars, to cutting taxes, to a prescription drug benefit for seniors.  Then the economic crisis struck, and President Obama enacted measures to help our economy emerge from the deepest recession since the Great Depression.
  • Regardless of how you feel about those initiatives, the reality is that they all cost money.  Now, America just has too much debt.
  • Both parties share in the blame for the decisions that created this problem, and both parties are responsible for taking the actions required to solve it.  As President Obama has said, “In 2010, Americans chose a divided government, but they didn’t choose a dysfunctional government.  This debate shouldn’t be about scoring political points, but about doing what’s right for everyone in our country.”
  • President Obama knows that this is a one of a kind opportunity to do something bold to solve America’s problem of debt and deficits.  He is prepared to make the tough decisions needed to get America’s finances in order, but that means taking action now.
  • If we don’t set America’s fiscal house in order, companies won’t be as likely to invest and create jobs in America.  Interest rates will go up for everyone who borrows money to purchase a home or a car or to send their children to college.  We won’t have the money we need to invest in education or clean energy or to protect critical programs like Medicare.
  • We need to take a balanced approach that calls on the wealthiest Americans and special interests to pay their share, and the President believes that the American people agree with such an approach.  We need to do away with tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, for oil companies making record profits, for hedge fund managers paying lower taxes than teachers and fire fighters, and for corporate jet owners who receive special tax breaks that commercial airlines just don’t get.  Those tax breaks aren’t helping to grow America’s economy, and we need to end them if we want to get serious about America’s deficits.
    • Republicans in Congress, business leaders, and conservatives agree that we need to find a balanced approach that increases revenues so that we can reduce the nation’s deficit.
    • Last week, Senator Graham voiced support for generating revenue by closing tax loopholes.
      • And recently, Warren Buffet said, “there is plenty of room on the revenue side with wealthy people like me. We’ve never had it so good. I mean our tax rates have never been lower than this and we’ve had it for 10 years and it’s shown in the great disparity of wealth that’s occurred in the last decade or so.”
      • President Obama is open to making hard decisions and tough choices – now it’s time for members from both sides of the aisle to do the same.  The President has expressed a willingness to make the tough choices when it comes to entitlement reform. That is why he put together a framework to make Medicare and Medicaid more efficient and stronger in the long run without shifting the cost of care onto our seniors or people with disabilities.
        • The President also supports finding bipartisan solutions to strengthen for future generations the Social Security program.
      • President Obama has been clear about the fact that now is the time to lead, to put aside the typical Washington posturing and achieve a compromise that solves this challenge for the American people.
    • President Obama believes that now is the time to show the American people that Washington can rise above cynicism and do big things for the future of the country.
      • We can’t choose not to pay the bills that earlier Congresses racked up.  The United States doesn’t fail to pay its bills or meet its obligations.  And we aren’t going to default on our debt for the first time ever
      • If Congress doesn’t act and we default on our obligations, it will:
    • Force the government to stop, limit, or delay payments on a variety of legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, salaries for the military, tax refunds, and interest on the national debt.
    • Cause interest rates for mortgages, car loans, and credit cards to rise.
      • Hurt families who have been saving money into their 401(k)s for their retirement or putting aside money for their children’s education.


  • The President put into motion the final pieces to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” certifying and notifying Congress that the requirements for repeal have been met. The law will end on September 20th, 2011, lifting once and for all the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in our armed forces. READ MORE.

Nevadans at the White House

  • About 70 Nevadans, including a half-dozen Democratic state lawmakers, went to  Washington, D.C. late last week for a set of policy and political briefings at the White House.  The Nevada contingent was invited as part of a summer series of briefings by President Barack Obama’s administration.  READ MORE.


DNC chief promises push for Hispanic votes in conference call
The Hill // Cameron Joseph

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) promised in a Friday conference call that the Obama campaign would focus on Latinos, a rapidly growing population, in its reelection campaign. The call was to promote the DNC’s first ad of the election cycle, a Spanish-language television ad running in media markets that reach the swing states of Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Virginia. “This ad buy and the fact that it’s the first one of the campaign season … sends a very strong signal of just how high a priority this community is to this administration and this president,” said Wasserman Schultz. “We know that the Hispanic community has grown across this country and our commitment is to reach voters in every nook and cranny in this country. ”

Univision//Jordan Fabian

The Democratic National Committee made its first television ad-buy of the 2012 election cycle on Friday, and it’s in Spanish. The ad is designed to appeal to Latino voters in key swing states like Nevada, Florida and New Mexico and comes in response to a similar ad recently run in the same states by the conservative outside spending group Crossroads GPS.

Democrats Look To Protect Latino Vote From GOP Outreach
Talking Points Memo // Benjy Sarlin

Democrats are looking to put the kibosh on conservative outreach efforts to Latino voters before they start. The DNC’s first major ad buy of the season is a Spanish-language ad running in areas with high concentrations of Latino voters around the country. The new spot comes just two days after the Republican National Committee and Karl Rove’s Super PAC, American Crossroads, launched their own ad campaigns aimed at the key Democratic voting bloc in battleground states like Florida and Colorado…In a conference call with reporters Friday, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stressed that Democrats would not take Latino voters for granted. She focused her arguments on the economy and health care, saying Democrats would be aggressive in contrasting the House GOP’s plan to end guaranteed Medicare benefits with Democratic laws, like SCHIP expansion and the Affordable Care Act, that help working families secure coverage…”We have always believed and continue to believe that the Hispanic community is very important politically,” Wasserman-Schultz said. “[Obama] is going to work hard every day, as he has as president, to earn their vote again. This ad is an example where we can lay out for Hispanic voters exactly what this president has accomplished and make sure that they understand he has made their priorities his priorities.”

DNC Responds to Crossroads With Spanish-Language Ads (VIDEO)
Roll Call // Kyle Trygstad


The Democratic National Committee on Friday is launching its first TV ad of the 2012 cycle, a Spanish-language spot that comes in response to Spanish-language ads launched earlier this week by conservative political action committee Crossroads GPS. “Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children, it’s the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich,” the announcer says in the ad, according to a translation provided by the DNC. “It was the president who extended health insurance to our children, financial aid for students, and cut taxes for the middle class. We know who to trust and who we can’t. Because it’s our job to protect our families.”

DNC Joins Ad War for Hispanic Voters
WSJ // Danny Yadron

The Democratic National Committee joined the ad war for Hispanic voters Friday, with its own Spanish-language TV spot touting President Barack Obama as Hispanics’ best ally in Washington. It’s pushback against a new campaign by Crossroads GPS, a conservative advocacy group, to tell voters — in Spanish — that Mr. Obama has made the economy worse during the last 30 months. Last week, Crossroads launched an Obama attack ad featuring a woman who couldn’t sleep because she was worried about her kids’ future. It was also narrated in Spanish. The narrator in the DNC ad says, “Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children it’s the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich,” according to a DNC translation. The spot will run in Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.; Orlando, Miami and Tampa, Fla.; Albuquerque, N.M.; Denver and Washington, DC — all cities in which Crossroads is running its ad.

DNC Launches Spanish-Language TV Spot
National Journal//Sophie Quinton

The race is on to influence Hispanic views of President Obama. The Democratic National Committee on Friday announced the release of a Spanish-language television ad that pushes back against the ad “Despertarse” (“Wake Up”) released by Crossroads GPS, an arm of American Crossroads. The spot defending Obama’s legislative achievements is the DNC’s first buy of the 2012 election cycle. The DNC ad, called “En Quien Confiar” (“Who to Trust”), aims to “shine a light” on President Obama’s commitment to serving Hispanic voters, said DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

Game on: The DNC buys Latino ads
Mario Solis-Marich//

The Spanish language ad games have begun. For the first time Spanish language Latinos are being approached politically by both major parties well over a year before the date of an election.
While it should be no surprise that both parties need Latino voters to meet their electoral goals it was yet to be seen if Latinos would continue to be ignored by the Democratic Party until six to eight weeks before the election as is usually the case or if the GOP’s only use for Latino’s would be as scapegoats as has been their trademark. The GOP and it’s conservatives allies have decided that a positive position was needed and that earlier was better than later and so they kicked off the game.


DNC up in Orlando with Spanish-language Obama ad
Orlando Sentinel (online)//Bshaw

The Democratic National Committee is going up with a Spanish-language ad praising President Barack Obama for his support of health-care programs for children and the elderly as well as education and student loan programs that benefit Hispanics. In a statement, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the ad will run in Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque, and Washington, D.C. The ad comes on the heels of a Crossroads GPS commercial condemning Obama’s spending policies, a Spanish version of an ad — featuring a sleepless woman tossing and turning as a voiceover details her worry over the nation’s future — that you can see here.

Wasserman Schultz touts Obama Hispanic ad Gibson

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz unveiled a Spanish-language TV ad on Friday designed to shore up Hispanic voter support for President Obama in Florida, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington, DC. Polls and other signs indicate that Hispanic voters have lost enthusiasm for Obama since his election in 2008, partly because he has not brought about immigration reform. Republican-aligned groups, meanwhile, have courted Hispanic voters with their own ad campaign.


DNC’s debut TV ad for 2012 in Spanish
Wash Times // Dave Boyer

The Democratic National Committee is devoting its first television ad buy of the 2012 presidential race to a Spanish-language commercial, trying to persuade Hispanic voters in seven swing-state markets that President Obama has not failed them economically. The spot, titled “En Quien Confiar (Who to Trust),” argues that Mr. Obama promoted tax cuts for the middle class while Republicans are interested in “protecting tax cuts for the very rich.” “We know who to trust, and who we can’t. Because it’s our job to protect our families,” the ad states. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat, said the inaugural ad reflects the importance of Hispanic voters to Democrats’ electoral success.“This ad buy and the fact that it’s the first one of the campaign season … sends a very strong signal of just how high a priority this community is to this administration and this president,” she said. “We know that the Hispanic community has grown across this country and our commitment is to reach voters in every nook and cranny in this country.”

DNC Launches Spanish-Language Ad in Battle for Hispanic Swing Voters
ABC News (The Line)//Devin Dwyer

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer (@devnidwyer) reports:  In the latest sign of the growing influence of Hispanic voters, the Democratic National Committee has launched its first TV ad of the 2012 campaign in Spanish. The 30-second spot, which will air in seven Hispanic-heavy swing states and the District of Columbia, comes in direct response to two pro-Republican Spanish-language ad campaigns rolled out in many of the same media markets earlier this week.  The Democrats’ ad opens with a reference to attacks on President Obama by one ad, from American Crossroads, the independent group with ties to Karl Rove, then fires back at Republicans for threatening to “end the Medicare guarantee” while favoring “tax cuts for the rich.”

Both parties launch Spanish-language ads in southwest states
The Hill//Alicia Cohn

The Republican and Democratic National Committees both announced new Spanish-language ads this week targeting Hispanic voters in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. The early ads focusing on the presidential election in battleground states with a high Latino population indicate the importance that the Hispanic vote will have in 2012.

Democrats’ first 2012 ad to air in Spanish
Yahoo News (The Ticket)//Chris Moody


The Democratic National Committee announced its first ad buy for the 2012 presidential election cycle, with a Spanish-language television spot aimed at Hispanic voters in what are traditionally swing states. Entitled “En quien confiar,” or “In whom you can trust,” the ad hits Republicans for voting on a proposal to overhaul Medicare and touts President Obama’s record of increasing spending on health care and student loans.

Democrats Court Hispanic Vote With New Ad
Talking Points Memo//Benjy Sarlin

The DNC is up with a new Spanish-language ad in several states highlighting President Obama’s record on issues related to the Latino community. The spot, which focuses on Obama policies like an expansion of SCHIP to legal immigrants, will run in Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque, and Washington, DC. It includes a dig at Republicans as well, over the House GOP’s proposal to end guaranteed Medicare benefits.

DNC hits back at Karl Rove group with new Spanish-language ad
Miami Herald (Naked Politics)//Marc Caputo

The Democratic National Committee is hitting back at a Karl Rove-founded Crossroads Spanish-language ad with its own retort. The DNC spot touches on education, and healthcare for children and elderly. It attacks Republicans for favoring tax cuts for the wealthy and it plays up middle-class tax cuts supported by Obama.

DNC Runs New Spanish-Language Ad To Counter Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS
Huffington Post//Amanda Terkel

WASHINGTON — The Democratic National Committee is out with a new Spanish-language ad meant to reinforce the party’s appeal to Latinos and counter a similar ad running from a conservative group. The first ad buy by the DNC in the 2012 season, the spot accuses Republicans of wanting to “end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich,” while stressing that President Obama “extended health insurance to our children,” financial aid for students and middle-class tax cuts.

Democrats counter with their own Spanish ad, praising Obama and blasting GOP
Denver Post Online//Lynn Bartels


Democrats are out with their own Spanish-language ad, which praisesPresident Obama and accuses Republicans of wanting to sacrifice Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the super wealthy. In addition to Denver, the ads will run in the following media markets: Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Albuquerque, and Washington D.C., according to the Democratic National Committee. “What the country needs is the continued leadership of President Obama, who is focused like a laser on creating jobs and moving our country forward,” DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement.

DNC launches Spanish language advertisement
AP//No Byline

The Democratic National Committee is launching a Spanish language ad which will run in several markets across the country, including Florida. DNC officials say the ad will begin airing Friday in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. It will also run in several western markets and Washington, D.C. The ad, `En Quien Confiar’ is the first of a cycle of ads the DNC plans. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says President Obama “will always be committed to the Hispanic community and fighting for their priorities.

Airwave war for Spanish language voters heats up
CNN Political Ticker//Paul Steinhauser

The Democratic National Committee says their first television ad buy this cycle is a Spanish-language commercial that defends President Barack Obama’s record. The ad, titled “En Quien Confiar,” counter attacks against Spanish-language commercials the independent GOP group American Crossroads has started running.

DNC’s first 2012 ad: ‘En Quien Confiar’
Politico//Alexander Burns

The Democratic National Committee is launching its first television buy of the 2012 cycle, airing a Spanish-language that defends President Barack Obama’s record in eight TV markets across the country. The spot, titled “En Quien Confiar,” pushes back on the ads American Crossroads has been running in Spanish, and begins with a line directly attacking the GOP ad campaign.

En Quien Confiar
Politico (Playbook)//Mike Allen

DNC’S FIRST AD of the cycle, “EN QUIEN CONFIAR,” a Spanish-language defending President Obama’s record, airing in eight TV markets across the country, per “Morning Score.” Pushes back on American Crossroads ads; begins with a line attacking the GOP campaign. The script, in English: “Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children, it’s the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich.” Airing in Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque and Washington D.C. – seven Latino-heavy, swing-state markets, plus the nation’s capital.

Democrats Recruit Latino Support with Spanish Video
News Taco // Sara Calderon

Not really sure what to make of this, but the Democratic National Committee has created a Spanish language video in an effort to reach out to Latinos in Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque, and Washington, D.C. The ad highlights all the great things that President Barack Obama has done for Latinos…Like I said, I’m not really sure what to make of this. On the one hand, the Obama administration has reached record levels of deportations, all the while trying to tell us that he’s for immigration reform. Then the Republicans managed to scrounge up millions of dollars to recruit Latino candidates, something I have yet to see from the Dems. Show me the money, as it were.

Nevada Clips

Went to Washington DC for the Nevada Delegation briefing and didn’t have internet service while I was there … so I guess I need to do a bit of catching up.


  • 7.18.11 — RJ – 2nd District candidates anti-Washington – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Oceguera announces run for Congress – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – With no lines yet drawn, some pols are running on faith – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RGJ – Oceguera announces bid for Congress – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — NNB – Assembly Speaker John Oceguera Announces Bid For Congress In As-Yet Undetermined District –LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Dina Titus announces run for Congress – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Dina Titus announces bid for Congress in undetermined district – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Latest Amodei campaign commercial focuses on jobs – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Not much money help for Obama from Nevada in second quarter – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — AP – Former Congresswoman Dina Titus to seek new Nevada seat in U.S. House – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — AP – Miller says special election to fill Heller’s House seat to cost $1 million – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Radio host Stock loses job at KXNT – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — SlashPolitics – Kate Marshall loves vets – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Nevada Democrats re-energize in Washington – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Map provides picture of Reid’s problem – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Ralston: Amodei plays it safe, Marshall swings for the fences in House special – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Connecting with Southern Nevadans is Heller’s biggest challenge – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – National issues shape race for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Titus, Ocegeura won’t let redistricting uncertainty hold up campaigns – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RJ – Ads from both parties target Latinos – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – EMILY’s List endorses Marshall in special election race for CD 2 – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Marshall gets EMILY’s List endorsement in CD2 race – LINK




  • 7.20.11 — AP – Deadline today for Nevada redistricting panel nominees – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – GOP, Democrats seek legal ruling on Hispanic majority district – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – League of Women Voters recommends panelists to draw political boundaries – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Democrats, Republicans submit plans for remapping districts – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — AP – Expanded: Lawyers want minority voting issues decided first in Nevada redistricting – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — Nevada Appeal – Redistricting: 2 parties, 2 philosophies – LINK


  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Legislators tout economic development law – LINK


  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Reid to keep Senate working until debt deal is done – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Reid, Kyl write letter seeking answers on online gaming policy – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — AP – Republicans disregard Obama threat to veto cuts – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — AP – House to vote on tea party-backed debt plan – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Harry Reid: Senate going to work until there’s a debt-limit deal – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Lawyers, donors paid from Ensign campaign account – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Balanced budget amendment likely a nonstarter – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Harry Reid on sideline as Obama backs Gang of Six’s debt deal – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Reid puts debt ball in U.S. House court – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Miles from major metro area, rural Ely airport could close – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RGJ – Nevada congressional delegation discusses possibility of U.S. default – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — AP – Progress scarce as debt limit impasse continues – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — Reno News and Review – Screw Nevada – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Obama, House GOP discuss debt – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Lots of private talks, but still no deal, on debt ceiling – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Reid sends signal he won’t back compromise bill based on budget cuts – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — AP – Amid debt talks, House budget plan faces Senate vote – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — Daily Sparks Tribune – Report: Cuts to Medicaid could hurt Latinos most – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – With Obama-Boehner talks off, Reid will now negotiate with Republicans – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Reid steps back as Obama, Boehner work toward debt-limit compromise – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — Elko Daily Free Press – House panel OKs strategic minerals bill – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Washington Digest: Senate defeats GOP’s ‘cut, cap and balance’ plan – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Nevada’s newbies in D.C. won’t wield clout – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Harry Reid says debt ceiling negotiations ‘rocky’ – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Deal on debt limits coming down to short-term, vs. longer-term fix – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Congressional inaction delays McCarran airport tower – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – The long, tortured path of getting to ‘yes’ – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — AP – Obama, Boehner speeches do little to suggest that deal coming – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — AP – Rival plans ensnarl Congress over debt ceiling – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — AP – Lawmakers trade blame over delays of airport projects – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Obama and Boehner make appeals to public for rival debt-limit plans – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Obama to address nation tonight to discuss competing debt-ceiling plans – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Work on McCarran tower halted amid FAA funding flap – LINK


  • 7.18.11 — RJ – DNA mistakes – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – Reliance on narrow campaign promises has led to gridlock in government – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — RGJ – Editorial: Clean, safe downtown benefits all – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Streamlined licensing approach an improvement – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Republicans push the country toward precipice with stance on debt ceiling – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RGJ – Editorial: RSCVA’s decision on its next CEO is critical to area’s future – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — Nevada Appeal – Commentary by Janice Ayres: Remembering why Gov. Guinn was great – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – The tests are not the problem – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Groping the gropers – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – All my suffering has to be worth something, too! – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Safety is the priority – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Editorial: Foreclosure mediation plan must be more transparent – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Trade deals – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Is School Board undermining new superintendent? – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Republicans have been hypocritical in the debate over the budget, debt – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Behind the wheel of our future – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Last First Friday? – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Foreign aid – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – In politics, the more voices the better – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Republicans should quit trying to roll back uranium mining moratorium – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — Nevada Appeal – Commentary by Chuck Muth: The war against the Tax Pledge – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Sick leave – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Space shuttle’s final flight marks a remarkable 30-year journey – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – To boldly go? – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Wasting money with project labor agreements – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Leading by example – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Oceguera’s double-dipping delight – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – County shows progress toward making changes at the fire department – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – No time to abandon adult discourse – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — Nevada Appeal – Guy W. Farmer: Is ‘compromise’ a bad word? – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RJ – Bad news on job front – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Federal prosecutors have given big businesses too much leeway in cases – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Most in foreclosure weren’t paying – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Republicans in Congress have paved the way to a potential economic crisis – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Editorial: Political gridlock threatens our transportation system – LINK


  • 7.18.11 — RJ – Nevada may be too civil settling campaign finance violations – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — RJ – Pilot program will issue unified license for contractors – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – Heidi Gansert: From Sandoval’s childhood friend to his top aide – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – Get on the bus: How Las Vegas transit compares to other cities – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — AP – State cuts could put more seniors in nursing homes – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Festival organizer, Arts District business owners at odds about First Friday – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – North Las Vegas firefighters approve new contract concessions – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Wagner takes oath as North Las Vegas councilman – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Is independent crime lab the right move for Metro? – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – North Las Vegas has new councilman — Wade Wagner finally sworn in – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – North Las Vegas firefighters take pay cut to save 35 jobs – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Portion of First Friday arts festival to take two-month hiatus – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RGJ – Special Report: Lear Theater stalls despite millions in donations – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RGJ – Nevada’s foreclosure mediation program cites confidentiality in refusal to release records – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — Nevada News Bureau – Updated Public Employee Salary And Benefit Data Published By Nevada Think Tank –  LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Sandoval touts voter support – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Commissioners settle with contractor in feud over Las Vegas Beltway widening – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – North Las Vegas schedules Friday recount in council race decided by a single vote – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – New chief takes helm at struggling UMC – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Residents taking city’s short workweek in stride – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Commissioner dons motley ensemble, raves about festival – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Ralston: A transparent guide to who owns City Hall – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Might NLV need to lean on Las Vegas for help? – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Cherchio seeks recount in disputed North Las Vegas election – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Supervisors for NLV firefighters’ union OK wage concessions – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Washoe considers countywide vehicle tax to help pay Incline Village property owners – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Bonds get ‘junk’ rating at Reno Redevelopment Agency – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Future uncertain for Reno neighborhood’s unofficial BMX track – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — Daily Sparks Tribune – Regional planning, transportation agencies look at possible merger – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — Nevada News Bureau – Sandoval Fares Well Among Nevada Voters Following 2011 Legislative Session – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Sandoval calls spin in driverless car ‘amazing’ – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Kids, seniors plead with North Las Vegas council not to cut their programs – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – One LV planning commissioner picked; council delays other post – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Under microscope, county firefighters taking less sick leave – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – NLV approves tentative agreement with firefighters unions – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Sandoval first governor to take spin in driverless car with Google technology – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Simulator streamlines air traffic controller training – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Ross, Goodman urge Las Vegas firefighters back to negotiating table – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Board OKs entering into agreement for tax benefits – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — AP – Sandoval becomes first governor to try Google’s driverless robot car technology – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – County fire battalion chief fired for abusing sick leave system – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – $32.8 million in property returned – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – New mayor takes part in training for managing emergencies – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Mayor: North Las Vegas facing difficult budget times – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Second county firefighter terminated for sick-leave abuse – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Carolyn Goodman sets own style for mayor’s weekly news conferences – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Spokesman: Metro capable of running its own crime lab – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – North Las Vegas residents urge council to save rec centers, pools – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RGJ – Sparks gets federal funds for police, fire – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Preliminary hearing for Arberry scheduled for Sept. 8 – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Wagner wins recount in North Las Vegas Ward 4 race – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Recall effort against Ross gaining steam – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Wagner wins recount in NLV council race – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — AP – Domestic violence panel off limits for judges – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — Nevada News Bureau – Western State Lawmakers, Including Nevadans, Traveling To Hawaii For Annual Conference – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — Nevada News Bureau – NDOT Begins Field Test Of Car Tracking Technology For Potential New Tax – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Frustration is spelled C-o-l-l-i-n-s at meeting – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Nation’s craziest legislatures ranked, and Nevada gets a pass – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RJ – Coroner’s inquests adding up – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Righthaven: The controversy over copyrights – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RGJ – County seeks social services volunteers – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — Nevada Appeal – NDOT searches for new way to pay for roads – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — Daily Sparks Tribune – How do you want to pay for your roads? – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Sandoval defends decision to continue sunset taxes – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Draft analyzes options for Nevada National Security Site – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – County hopes to curb ‘disorder’ on Strip – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Summerlin fire station groundbreaking a first for Mayor Carolyn Goodman – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Caseloads reported on the rise, but officials don’t track eating disorders – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Burning Man participants express frustration over sold out tickets – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Incline district refuses interest payments involving $40M in tax refunds – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — Daily Sparks Tribune – City to pay $92K to keep Sparks Senior Center open – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — Nevada News Bureau – Nevada Public Employee Pension Plan Sees Record Investment Return In 2011 – LINK





  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – Late to the party, Las Vegas businesses targeting gay community – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – Southwest Airlines hits the road to promote conservation – LINK
  • 7.18.11 — LV Sun – 20 Answers: Are Las Vegas’ businesses attracting gay dollars? – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – June airline traffic at McCarran up from year ago – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Wynn Resorts more that doubles second-quarter profit – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — AP – Final chapter for Borders: liquidation – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — AP – Mortgage ‘robo-signing’ goes on, investigation by The Associated Press shows – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Demise of Borders brings just what Las Vegas needs: More empty big-box spaces – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Wynn Resorts sees boost in second quarter profit – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Court is urged to block Caesars’ arena initiative – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – McCarran reports boost in June passenger traffic – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Meeting focuses on Prime Six schools – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Reforms in the works for Prime Six schools – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Language immersion improves literacy – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – School Zone: Facilitators greatly help transition to high school – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Price-slide slowdown signals bottom is near – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Pain for locals is pain for gaming – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – McCarran looks to land minority businesses – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RJ – Las Vegas resort sues tea party group over hotel bill – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — AP – Building jumps in June after slow spring – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — AP – Index: Western states still under economic stress – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Casinos cutting back on floor supervisors, whose jobs evolving – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – With lending down, would-be entrepreneurs rely on savings, credit cards – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – List: Disappearing Las Vegas casino jobs – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — LV Sun – Las Vegas home sales jump in June, but prices continue fall – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — RGJ – Nevada state unemployment report released Friday – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — Nevada Appeal – Borders bookstore closing: Customers saddened by announcement – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — Daily Sparks Tribune – Gold price tops $1,600 – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Arena foes say petition misled signers – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Home-price drops said to reflect overcorrection – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Open-air market could be solution for Strip’s desolate north end – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — LV Sun – Southern California joblessness a drag on Las Vegas economy – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — AP – Real Estate: Homes sales on pace for 14-year low – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Statewide jobless rate increases for first time in 2011 – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RJ – Feds delay rules on airline pricing, advertising – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Las Vegas unemployment at 13.8 percent – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Vegas evolves with specialized minicasinos, party pits – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – M Resort’s owners post strong second-quarter financials – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RGJ – Nevada June jobless rate climbs to 12.4 percent – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RGJ – Sparks company one of four given NASA grant for private spaceships – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — RGJ – Survey: Increased confidence in Sparks industrial sector – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – Firm ranks Nevada 15th for closing costs in U.S. – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – MGM: CityCenter sound, apart from Harmon hotel tower – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Henderson craft distillery celebrates grand opening – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Public sector takes biggest jobs hit – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — LV Sun – Nevada real estate agents expecting home prices to continue falling – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — Elko Daily Free Press – Elko’s unemployment rate rises – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — Nevada Appeal – June jobless rate marks first increase this year – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Providing Wi-Fi as a perk has a price for businesses – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RJ – Electronic business cards gain cachet, but some aren’t sold – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — RGJ – Tough economy lowers boat activity on Lake Tahoe – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RJ – Career fairs give desperate hope – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — RJ – Lenders feel pressure in foreclosure process – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Shrimp farmed locally may soon hit plates in Strip’s restaurants – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Commercial real estate: How low can it go? – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – Hidden fees with a ‘cheap ticket’ – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – With lack of funding, will DesertXpress ever lay its tracks? – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – 20+ Answers: Are you (and your business) better off this year than last? – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Falling home values translate to reduced bills for most parcels – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RJ – Here we go again: Panel talks diversity – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – We’ve heard this before: Another report says Nevada needs to diversify its economy – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Southwest announces seasonal cuts affecting McCarran – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — AP – Nation’s ‘wealth gap’ widens between whites, minorities – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Travel: Southwest makes seasonal changes to Reno routes – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — RGJ – Real Estate: Washoe’s home sales and median price dip in 2Q of 2011 – LINK


  • 7.18.11 — RJ – Part-time teaching online pays off – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – UNLV imposes deadline on fall semester admission applications – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — Elko Daily Free Press – Fire Academy sale pending – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – UNR closer to buying home in Clark County for medical school dean – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – CSN’s growth outpaces funding – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — LV Sun – CSN adjusts to new financial reality – LINK


  • 7.19.11 — RJ – Clean energy summit again headed to Vegas – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — LV Sun – Harry Reid announces speakers for annual Clean Energy Summit – LINK
  • 7.19.11 — RGJ – Special sage grouse hunt at Sheldon refuge in northern Washoe County – LINK
  • 7.20.11 — AP – Appeals court allows wlld horse roundup – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Mighty Mississippi could help ease drought in West, Mulroy tells chamber – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RJ – BLM to begin transit planning for Red Rock – LINK
  • 7.21.11 — RGJ – Outdoors: Wilderness responder classes provide valuable emergency training for outdoors enthusiasts – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — AP – Utah lawmakers opposing Nevada water pipeline – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — AP – NRC report documents Yucca studies – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — AP – Court asked to block logging at Tahoe – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Commission denies NV Energy request to buy power from solar projects – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – No safety conclusions in report on nuclear dump – LINK
  • 7.22.11 — LV Sun – Popularity of Red Rock Canyon brings traffic problems – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – PUC rejection of contracts irks NV Energy, developers – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RGJ – Solar boom shines for penny pinchers – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — LV Sun – Rhetoric on renewables does not match reality – LINK
  • 7.24.11 — AP – No safety conclusions in report on Yucca Mountain nuclear dump – LINK
  • 7.25.11 — AP – USFS to 9th circuit: Tahoe logging won’t hurt bird – LINK
  • 7.26.11 — LV Sun – Henderson companies blazing green trail with ‘net-zero’ goal – LINK


  • 7.21.11 — RJ – Families say sick kids need special care – LINK
  • 7.23.11 — RJ – For valley hospitals, specialization pays – LINK

Nevada Clips 7.17.11


  • LV Sun – Who will rally the GOP troops in Nevada? – LINK


  • RJ – Washington Digest: House blocks funding for light bulb standards – LINK
  • LV Sun – With debt ceiling decisions will come consequences — practical and political – LINK


  • RJ – State may take over North Las Vegas – LINK
  • RJ – ‘Forced to capitulate’ – LINK
  • RJ – What if? – LINK
  • LV Sun – Congress pursues a dangerous path in trying to revive Yucca Mountain – LINK
  • LV Sun – Lanni was one of industry’s best – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Clean, safe downtown benefits all – LINK


  • RJ – Damaged foreclosures hurting Las Vegas values – LINK
  • LV Sun – Bar president says recession has impacted legal community – LINK


  • RJ – North Las Vegas budget woes didn’t stop raises – LINK
  • LV Sun – Citizens weigh in on state of affairs in North Las Vegas – LINK
  • RGJ – Nevada’s foreclosure mediation program cites confidentiality in refusal to release records – LINK


  •  LV Sun – Higher ed funding process siphons money from UNLV – LINK


Nevada Headlines 7.16.11


  • RJ – Heck collects $311,120 in campaign donations – LINK
  • LV Sun – Marshall tops Amodei in fundraising for special election – LINK
  • RGJ – Marshall reports $246K in contributions for CD2 special election – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Marshall’s 1st-quarter donations in Congress run reach $246,000 – LINK


  • Nevada News Bureau – Nevada Last In Federal Dollars Per Capita – LINK


  • RJ – Change in deficiency-judgment law lauded – LINK


  • Nevada News Bureau – Nevada Redistricting Efforts Remain In Flux After Court Hearing This Week – LINK


  • RJ – Edison’s device wins a one-year reprieve – LINK
  • LV Sun – Granted, some have evolved more than others … – LINK
  • LV Sun – Betty Ford’s graciousness, openness about struggles helped the nation – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Commentary by Eugene Paslov: More Republican nonsense – LINK


  • RJ – Many property owners can expect lower tax bills this year – LINK
  • RJ – Nevada Federal Credit Union converting to state-chartered institution – LINK
  • RJ – Perini says it’s ‘willing and able’ to complete Harmon tower – LINK
  • RJ – Wynn Resorts leads others in second-quarter earnings – LINK
  • LV Sun – Numbers show Electric Daisy Carnival, despite bad rap, didn’t bring much crime – LINK


  • RJ – Bill would undo term limits for planning panel – LINK
  • LV Sun – So sad. Why therapists say Las Vegans are feeling blue – LINK


  • AP – Federal judge temporarily halts wild-horse roundup in Nevada – LINK


  • RJ – Moapa Valley parents worry about how school bus route revisions will affect kids – LINK
  • RJ – School district to reorganize – LINK
  • LV Sun – Plan aims to put school resources where most needed – LINK