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Nevada Clips 7.15.11


  • AP – Lippold ends bid for 2nd Congressional District – LINK
  • AP – Harry Reid hosts Lake Tahoe retreat to raise money for senators from Rhode Island and Florida – LINK
  • LV Sun – Kate Marshall late to the party with campaign website – LINK


  • LV Sun – Sandoval reflects on budget deal, legislative session – LINK
  • LV Sun – Sandoval: Courts will ultimately decide whether counties get money back – LINK


  • RJ – Heck lays out plan for Henderson mine cleanup – LINK
  • RJ – Reid warns default would ‘affect every wallet’ – LINK
  • RJ – Yucca Mountain advocates seek muscle in House vote – LINK
  • RJ – Bill renewing dam contracts advances in U.S. Senate – LINK
  • RJ – Reid’s ready to deal, so where are Republicans? – LINK
  • LV Sun – Dean Heller takes hard line on debt ceiling, wants balanced budget amendment – LINK
  • LV Sun – Harry Reid, Eric Cantor trade barbs as frustration escalates over debt-limit negotiations – LINK
  • AP – Debt face-off shifts to Congress, bargain in play – LINK
  • AP – House increases money for nuclear waste review – LINK


  • RJ – Waste of money – LINK
  • RJ – Democrats crave more money to spend – LINK
  • LV Sun – NRC should overhaul regulations to assure the public that plants are safe – LINK
  • LV Sun – Ralston: The woes of MGM Resorts and North Las Vegas – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Failure of president’s ploy shows depth of controversy – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Commentary by Chuck Muth: Interesting straw poll of Nevada conservatives – LINK


  • RJ – Legionnaires’ disease linked to Aria – LINK
  • RJ – Market unfazed by Legionnaires report – LINK
  • RJ – Las Vegas-based Enigma Energy charged up for electric cars – LINK
  • RJ – Urban Chamber meeting gathers ideas for initiatives – LINK
  • LV Sun – In construction, hard work followed by long wait for payday – LINK
  • LV Sun – Aria warns guests of possible exposure to Legionnaires’ disease – LINK
  • RGJ – Real Estate: Foreclosure activity dips, this time – LINK


  • RJ – Court order blocks North Las Vegas Ward 4 winner – LINK
  • RJ – RTC board rescinds bus contract vote – LINK
  • LV Sun – Inmate work program key to turning lives around – LINK
  • LV Sun – North Las Vegas hit with restraining order over council seat – LINK
  • LV Sun – RTC rescinds contract, putting bus system in limbo – LINK
  • RGJ – Reno airport recognized for efficiency – LINK
  • RGJ – Comstock conflict delays mining bid – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Residents expected to see increase in utility fees, landfill costs by Sept. 1 – LINK


  • RJ – BLM to host nine meetings to seek input on pipeline plans – LINK
  • AP – Judge to rule on wild horse roundup – LINK
  • AP – Changes to solar development zones could affect Nevada – LINK
  • AP – Clean energy: Feds to refine plan on solar development zones – LINK
  • LV Sun – Coalition opposed to Water Authority’s pipeline project wants more time for public input – LINK
  • RGJ – Sun powers Sparks – LINK


  • RJ – Reading test scores plummet for CCSD students – LINK
  • RJ – District to reorganize schools into 13 ‘performance zones’ – LINK
  • LV Sun – School District sees big drop in test scores – LINK


Nevada Clips 7.14.11


  • LV Sun – Nevada congressional race could affect Medicare – LINK
  • LV Sun – Shelley Berkley talks election, economy, education – LINK


  • RJ – Bid to redirect Yucca funding to nuclear fuel recycling rejected – LINK
  • RJ – Reid, McConnell mull solution to debt crisis – LINK
  • RJ – Bill gives mine to Henderson to redevelop – LINK
  • LV Sun – Heck amendment gives insight into his Yucca Mountain stance – LINK
  • RGJ – Reid announces grant for nurse education – LINK


  • RJ – A new RTC vote on bus contract – LINK
  • RJ – Redistricting panel – LINK
  • LV Sun – Nation and Nevada should invest and help spur renewable energy industry – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Shuttle Atlantis’ last flight will end an era for Americans – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Tyrus W. Cobb: Yucca: The closer you are, the better you like it – LINK


  • RJ – LV-Southern California train project clears environmental impact study – LINK
  • RJ – Rosemary’s Restaurant, open since 1999, closes doors – LINK
  • RJ – Process period for foreclosures lengthening – LINK
  • LV Sun – Was Electric Daisy Carnival the beginning of a rave-based economy? – LINK
  • LV Sun – Broken dreams: Projects that never got off the ground – LINK
  • LV Sun – Nevada foreclosure filings fall 17 percent – LINK
  • LV Sun – Gaming board backs company’s plan to operate 3 Mesquite casinos – LINK
  • RGJ – TRIC companies adding 700 jobs – LINK


  •  RJ – Henderson gravel pit to be redeveloped as park – LINK
  • RJ – Washoe County officials weigh cost of ruling – LINK
  • LV Sun – Slew of state boards to be abolished – LINK
  • RGJ – Reno sewer rates might increase another $1.18 a month – LINK
  • AP – Nevada governor eliminates outdated commissions – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – City Center Project: Changes to be unveiled in August – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Sunset commission suggests eliminating 18 boards – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Sandoval: TRPA withdrawal bill important for state – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Ethics panel criticizes Gibbons for ‘eviscerating’ bill – LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau – DMV Kiosk Gives New Meaning To One-Stop Shopping – LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau – Gov. Sandoval Agrees To Eliminate 18 Executive Branch Panels As Recommended By Task Force – LINK


  • RGJ – Safari Club seeks to protect bear hunt – LINK


  • RJ – CampUs Las Vegas gives students taste of college – LINK


  • RJ – Free medical care in schools overlooked – LINK

For the GOP, It’s All About Jobs … ELIMINATING Them!

It’s becoming every more evident that Republicans are willing to tank the economy for their perceived electoral benefit. And they’re willing to drive our economy into another recession rather than raise taxes on the Koch brothers. If anything we should be expanding crucial programs that extend a helping hand to those Americans in need, not cutting them during this time of extreme economic duress.

Anybody who’s taken a basic accounting course understands that there are two sides of a balance sheet, a revenues side and an obligations side.  The Gang of Pillagers, from 2001 through 2006, continually reduced revenues via tax breaks for the rich and rang up considerable obligations by pre-emptively starting two wars in which we’re still engaged.

Taxes are the lowest we’ve seen since the Eisenhower era and there are now insufficient revenues to pay the bills coming due.  So what do the Gang of Pillagers insist on doing?  Well, they propose to cut taxes even further and cut government spending to the bone.

Okay, think about that for a minute.  Government is NOT some big monolith that you can just take a big to which you can just take a sledge hammer.  It’s programs, services, and most of all JOBS!  More than anything right now, we need JOBS!  Yes indeed, the Gang of Pillagers are singularly focused on JOBS … not CREATING them as everyone who voted for them expected … but ELIMINATING JOBS and the middle class occupying those jobs.

Cutting government spending is the ultimate job elimination strategy.  Not only can the Gang of Pillagers cut public sector jobs en mass, they can also cut private sector jobs of those that would have supplied those governmental programs and services at the same time.  In other words, they get a two-fer!

Don’t believe me?  Have you been watching the monthly jobs reports.  GOP governors have been dumping public sector jobs as fast as they possibly can (you know teachers, fire fighters, policemen, etc.).  Up until this last month, those public sector job losses have been making only a small dent in the overall job increases.  With all the uncertainty being caused by the GOP’s willingness to allow the U.S. to default on it’s debts, those public sector job losses came close to overwhelming private sector increases last month.  If you paid attention, the public sector created 58,000 jobs, but the public sector lost 40,000 jobs, leaving our nation with a net increase of only 18,000 jobs.

Their latest strategy for eliminating jobs, not just in our nation, but globally, is to drive the United States into defaulting on the debt.  You think we have problems now?  Wait until they force us into default.  Then you can watch credit rating of the U.S. Treasury plummet, the interest rates on both past and future borrowing skyrocket, and the national debt balloon to something your great grandchildren’s great grandchildren will only be able to dream of paying off.   But it won’t stop there, take a look at your own financial situation.  Are you unfortunate enough to have an adjustable mortgage?  Expect to see some dramatic rises in your mortgage interest rates, to the point it will certainly force you into foreclosure.  Any business needing a loan to be able to operate their business will likely see their cost of capital rise dramatically as well forcing them to pass those expenses along to those who can pay for as long as they can pay.  And once it gets to the point folks can no longer afford those more expensive products/services, that employer will go under as will the jobs associated with that employer.

The Desert Beacon wrote an exceptional piece on the 9th about “What a U.S. Debt Default Would Mean to You.”  If you haven’t read it yet, you should.  Please do take the time to read it so you’ll understand just how irresponsible it would be for the GOP leadership to drive the U.S. into default.  If that’s their intent, then they no longer believe in a Democracy and they’re taking this action as a means of economic revolution to cripple our nation, and to remake it into something a whole lot less democratic, something more like a plutocracy ruled by the elite super-rich robber-barons of this nation.

Another Case of Being ‘FOR’ It Before Being ‘AGAINST’ It

Again, are these guys illiterate?  Can they not read or do they think we’re too stupid to read?  Remember the Ryan Budget  (HConRes34)? 235 of 239 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of passage of the Ryan Budget.  All 40 Republican Senators also voted in favor of passage of that same Ryan Budget (thankfully, all 57 Democrats voted against passage, causing it to fail passage in the Senate).

The Ryan Budget contained debt ceiling increases in each and every budget year.  Thus, each and every Republican who voted on the Ryan Budget already voted for a debt ceiling increase, not just this year, butEVERY SINGLE YEAR covered by the Ryan Budget:

2012 … $16,204,000,000,000
2013 … $17,177,000,000,000
2014 … $17,955,000,000,000
2015 … $18,704,000,000,000
2016 … $19,513,000,000,000
2017 … $20,257,000,000,000
2018 … $20,981,000,000,000
2019 … $21,711,000,000,000
2020 … $22,416,000,000,000
2021 … $23,105,000,000,000

When you call in to Senator Heller’s office on Thursday or Friday this week to tell him to leave Social Security alone, think about asking whether he opposes voting for s.1326, a clean bill to raise the Nation’s Debt Ceiling.  If he opposes that bill, as him how he reconciles that opposition to his vote for the Ryan Budget which would increase the debt ceiling to $16.2T next year and to $23.1T by 2021?

National Call-In Days: July 14-15

Your Social Security benefits are under attack by politicians in Washington. They want to:

  • Cut Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) to reduce the deficit. But Social Security doesn’t contribute a penny to the deficit.
  • Raid Social Security by using your contributions to give a tax break to Wall Street banks, Big Oil and other corporations.

They shouldn’t get another taxpayer handout. Social Security belongs to you. You pay for it in every paycheck. Don’t let them cut it or raid it!

Call both Senator Reid’s office and Senator Heller’s office on Thursday and/or Friday, July 14-15.

  • Senator Reid:  1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)  [calls accepted only from 775 & 702 area codes]
  • Senator Heller:  202-224-6244

Tell them:

  • NO cuts to Social Security!
  • NO cuts to Social Security’s COLA!
  • NO Social Security payroll tax holiday!

I’ve already written twice and called once, but I’ll be calling again to let them know that Social Security does not and has not contributed to the budget deficit, nor has it contributed to the burgeoning national debt.  It is not allowable to raid the funds we’ve contributed throughout our lifetimes, expecting to receive some benefit in the future, only to find that they’ve been pillaged and left us with dramatically lower benefits or worse, nothing at all.

I was married to a wonderful man for 29 years.  He was self-employed and thus had to contribute both the employee and employer contributions to Social Security.  That was money that went to Social Security and not into our household coffers.  He passed on at 59 and I remarried at the age of 54, before reaching the magic age of 60.  That means that I have to forfeit any claim to his social security.  So, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve already forfeited enough and they just can’t have any more!

Call their offices this Thursday or Friday and tell them your story, why you think raiding Social Security is a bad idea and what consequences it will have on your vote at the polls next year.


It’s like the Roaring ’20s if you’re a corporate CEO these days, reports the New York Times in a special report on skyrocketing CEO pay.

Here’s the numbers you need to know:

$10.8 MILLION…the median salary of a CEO in 2010 at 200 large companies

It will take the average worker ($39,000 per year) 277 years to earn $10.8 million.  

23 PERCENT…the increase in CEO salaries between 2009 and 2010

38 PERCENT…the increase in cash bonuses between 2009 and 2010

Heaven forbid CEOs should have to pay 3% more in income tax. Their world will crumble and they will no longer be able to create jobs. 

We can’t have that can we???  So, where have all the jobs gone since they were given their tax breaks in 2001? Where did our prosperity go???  Other than the  already very rich who already own most of the country’s wealth?

0.5 PERCENT…the increase in the average worker’s salary ($752 a week – $39,104 a year) during the same time period, which the New York Times dryly notes actually means a net decrease for workers once inflation is figured in.