2018 Platform Proposal

Douglas County Democratic Central Committee

2018 Platform Proposals by Category


  1.  We support strong border security and the funding necessary for personnel,
    equipment and devices to ensure security without a border wall.
  2.  We support DACA.

Taxation, Jobs and Economy

  1.  We propose that the Democratic Party shall focus on fiscal responsibility.
  2.  We support the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and
    Investment Partnership.
  3.  We support creating and funding jobs that tap into resources, such as
    alternative energy, eco-tourism, technology and science.
  4.  We oppose tolls used as infrastructure funding.
  5.  We support infrastructure funding by additional federal funding and fuel tax.
  6.  We support repeal of the Republican 2017 Tax Bill.


  1.  We support education and training opportunities for all Americans including
    creation of specialized technical training programs in High Schools.
  2.  We recommend subsidizing medical education and training.
  3.  We oppose school vouchers.

Criminal Justice

  1. We oppose privatization of the prison system, including parole and probation
  2. We oppose civil asset seizure without a conviction by any government entity.


  1.  We support safe and affordable housing for seniors, veterans and others on
    fixed incomes.

Health Care

  1. We support increased funding for county-level mental health care, that
    includes housing, recovery treatment and support.
  2. We support a Medicare bill that includes vision and dental for all.
  3. We support women’s reproductive rights.
  4. We support Roe v Wade

Workers’ Rights and Unionization

  1. We support an increase in the minimum wage to a livable wage.
  2. We support paid sick and family leave for all workers.

Environment and Energy

  1. We support protecting science-based environmental safeguards and laws.
  2. We support expanding recycling and promoting composting programs to
    reduce waste in landfills.
  3. We support increasing energy conservation by encouraging all sectors,
    industry, commercial and residential, to implement energy efficiency
  4. We support promoting the installation of electric car charging stations.
  5. We encourage preserving local farmland, open space, land and water
    protections and scenic values.
  6. We support alternative energy development, such as roof-top solar and wind
    projects, without compromising habitat on public lands.
  7. We support local distribution of produce through farmers markets and
    county sponsored food hubs.
  8. We recommend maintaining and funding the EPA at pre-2017 levels.
  9. We recommend legislation that Nevada utilities obtain at least 75% of energy
    from renewable resources.

Elections and Government

  1. We support overturning Citizens United to the extent it allows unlimited
    funding by corporations to certain political campaigns.
  2. We oppose enactment of the Financial CHOICE Act (Creating Hope and
    Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs) as passed by the
    House of Representatives.
  3. We support providing funding for voter machines that have paper backup to
    assure that our recounted votes can be counted and verified by paper, and
    that every vote counts.
  4. We believe that freedom of the press is a fundamental element of a strong
  5. We support a federal shield law to protect reporters from punishment for
    refusing to reveal sources.
  6. We recommend that a bipartisan, independent panel, draw congressional
    districts in all states.

Civil Rights

  1. We believe that our democratic principles should remain the bedrock of our
  2. We support automatic voter registration for all eligible citizens.
  3. We oppose voter roll purging of any eligible voter for failing to vote.


  1. We support the repeal of the Dickey amendment, which bars the study of
    gun violence by the Centers for Disease Control.
  2. No guns should be allowed on or near any school except for those carried by
    sworn peace officers.
  3. We recommend reinstating the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.
  4. We recommend that all gun sales must require enhanced background
  5. We oppose reciprocal concealed carry between states.
  6. We recommend licensing for all firearms ownership.

Foreign Policy

  1. We support strengthening our commitment to NATO.
  2. We recommend intelligent negotiation with North Korea.
  3. We oppose moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.