Douglas Democrats 
Congratulations to our newly-elected
Executive Board!

Chair–Kimi Cole
1st Vice Chair–(open)
2nd Vice Chair–Lori McKimmey
Member at Large (Valley)–John Novak
Member at Large (Valley)–Leslie Hokenson
Member at Large (Lake Tahoe)–Ed Andrews

Read our new Delegate Selection Plan and please give us your feedback!

The Nevada State Democratic Party is creating a uniquely Nevada caucus process–one that reflects how Nevadans vote and the communities we live in. We are focused on operating in an open and fully transparent manner. We’re working to execute a successful caucus to convention process that will help us maintain our competitive edge that led to historic Democratic gains in 2016 and 2018. Our new 2020 Delegate Selection Plan will ensure 2020 is Nevada’s most expansive and accessible caucus yet. To share your feedback CLICK HERE.

The National Democratic Training Committee is excited to partner with the Washoe Dems and the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus for a Blue Bench Training! This is a free event, open to anyone interested in running for office, is staff on a campaign (or hopes to be), or for anyone within the local party infrastructure! For more information CLICK HERE.

2019 Office Hours

 Monday12PM – 4PM 
 Tuesday2PM – 4PM 
 Wednesday12PM – 4PM 
 Thursday10AM – 4PM 
 Friday12PM – 4PM  
 Saturday12PM – 4PM