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Mitt Romney Believes in “Personhood” for Embryos

Mitt Romney has taken a position that every woman in this country should know about:

When asked on Fox News whether he would have supported a “personhood” constitutional amendment, Mitt said, “Absolutely.”

“Personhood” amendments are the notorious measures now being considered in states like Mississippi, Florida, and Ohio, that would elevate a fertilized human egg to the status of a legal person. They would ban IUDs, the morning-after pill, in-vitro fertilization, and all abortions — with no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or in cases where the life of a woman is at stake.

In other words, a leading candidate for the GOP nomination for president is on the record in favor of a law that would classify literally all abortions — and even many forms of birth control — as murder.

To be clear: This is the most radical position any of the Republican candidates have taken on this issue, and may be the most radical position any of them have taken on any substantive issue in the race for the nomination so far.

Mitt has an uncanny ability to change course depending on the day, so we put together a video to show exactly where he stands on a woman’s right to choose — whether she’s choosing emergency contraception, or to save her own life.

Watch it, and then say you’ll be with us in holding him accountable.

Romney, who has held a variety of positions on abortion in his 17 years of running for public office, presumably understands the implications of criminalizing birth control and abortion.

If he wants to be in the national spotlight, if he thinks he deserves to be trusted with the highest political office on the planet, he has to be willing to take responsibility for his words and the consequences of the policies he claims to support.

This is so much bigger than his political calculations. It’s literally a life-or-death proposition, and it’s not limited to Mississippi, Ohio, or Florida. Personhood amendments like the one in Mississippi are a direct affront to the federal right to privacy afforded by Roe vs. Wade.

If Romney wants to take the position that abortion and birth control are equal to murder, that’s up to him. But we’ll hold him accountable for it, and not let anyone forget that he’s made the choice to go this far to the right on this issue:

Friday: Berkley Continues “Jobs Here, Not China” Tour in Reno

October 20, 2011
Contact: Jessica Mackler

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley will continue her “Jobs Here, Not China” tour in Reno tomorrow. Berkley will highlight her commitment to creating jobs in Nevada, in contrast to unelected Senator Dean Heller’s votes to protect the Chinese government’s unfair trade policies that are cheating Nevada workers out of their jobs.

The event will highlight the clear choice Nevadans have in next year’s election between Berkley’s commitment to creating jobs in Nevada and Dean Heller’s standing with the Chinese government over unemployed Nevadans.

The press conference will be at 1:30 pm tomorrow afternoon at the Washoe Democratic Party headquarters.

 Who: Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley
 What: Reno stop on her “Jobs Here, Not China” Tour to highlight Berkley’s commitment to creating jobs in Nevada, not China.
 When: FRIDAY, October 21st, at 1:30 pm PT
 Where: Washoe Democratic Party HQ
1465 Terminal Way , Suite 1
Reno, NV. 89502

Get Out and Vote for Kate!

We need to do everything we can to help Kate Marshall win her special Congressional election for NV-CD2 on Tuesday, September 13th.

Kate is someone we can count on to stand up for middle-class families in Congress — and fight against the reckless, hard-right Republican policies that seek to reduce the deficit on the backs of working families and seniors, while protecting tax subsidies for Big Oil companies.

But she’s locked in a tough special election battle right now, and her opponent is lining up lots of big-time Republican support.

A victory here, in NV-CD2, a seat which has never yet been held by a Democrat, will also be vital to preserving Medicare and Social Security from hard-right House Republican attempts to destroy those programs as we know them.  Winning this special election for Democrats will send a powerful message to pundits and political insiders in Washington — not to mention Republicans across the country.

As Democrats in Congress work to close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, preserve and protect Medicare, and reform our government so it works more efficiently and effectively for everyone, we need a leader like Kate fighting for us.

You still have time to ‘early vote’ today or tomorrow.  After early voting ends, you last chance to help us elect Kate will be on Tuesday, September 13th.  That means we only have a small window to make a difference for Kate Marshall — and it’s getting smaller every minute.  If you haven’t voted already … make every possible effort to get out there and VOTE!

Oh … and one last request from the campaign … “Can you help Kate by making a contribution of $10, $25 or more to help kickoff Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekend?”

Overview: Maximizing Your Impact™ Workshop for Leaders of Leaders

Are you a Democratic WOMAN considering a run for ANY political office? If so, you might want to take the time to participate in this online webinar:

Join us for a Webinar on August 25, 2011 at 1:00pm ET

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The biggest difference from managing others (individual contributors) to managing first-line leaders is that in the latter, managers must broaden their approach to the people and the organization.

Before, individual contributions were still a small part of their role expectations. Now, they need to divest themselves of the focus on individual tasks and instead focus on building the organization’s future leadership.

The key skills that must be mastered include selecting people for first-line leadership, delegating the appropriate managerial and leadership work to them, measuring their progress as managers, and coaching them through their day-to-day work. This is the point where managers must begin to think beyond their function and concern themselves with strategic issues that support the overall business.

In this 60-minute session, we will discuss some of the obstacles that managers experience in maximizing their contribution and present a leading-edge process for helping Managers of Managers to maximize their impact to their organizations.

Title: Overview: Maximizing Your Impact™ Workshop for Leaders of Leaders
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

Rove in Nevada

Dear Friends:

The GOP has set its sights on defeating Kate Marshall’s bid for Congress. Karl Rove and Rovian tactics are being put into play and they’re using huge amounts of money to back their agenda.

From the Marshall campaign:

“Yesterday the NRCC started airing their second attack ad and if you can believe it’s even more dishonest than their last– another indication that the GOP sees our path to victory as clearly as we do.  Since the NRCC previewed the Wednesday, several reporters have already called it out as false and just last night Jon Ralston called it “patently false” and “utterly misleading,” on his show that airs across Nevada. We need that $3,635 more in donations so we can continue to stay up strong on the air and win on September 13.

The NRCC’s ad is a complete joke and as I referred to above, even before the ad began to air, both the Las Vegas Sun and the Reno Gazette-Journal reported it was based on bogus GOP “research.”   We need your supporters to make those grassroots contributions of $100, $50, $25 or anything they can afford so we can reach our goal of $15,000 by midnight tonight. Every last dollar counts at this point and you know our efficient and strategic campaign operations allow us to do more with our resources.

Yesterday, Amodei went to DC to raise money from more special interest groups.”

From Emily’s List:

“Karl Rove is back. As if the Tea Party’s efforts in Nevada aren’t enough, now Rove is flooding the state with hundreds of thousands of dollars to support a right-wing, conservative agenda. And defeating Kate Marshall, the EMILY’s List-endorsed pro-choice Democratic candidate in Nevada’s 2nd congressional district, is within his sights.

Her opponent, right-wing state legislator Mark Amodei? He’s already aligned himself with the Tea Party, threatening not to support any plan to raise the debt ceiling, which could put our fragile economy at grave risk.”

Marla Turner, NSDP Secretary