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Letter Writing Campaign

Please join DCDCC and DCDW for a joint letter writing event aimed at supplying letters of support for our Democratic candidates and ideals which will be sent to local newspapers.  All materials and refreshments will be provided so come as you are and join the fun!  We’ll need ideas, people who are willing to sign their names to their own letters or letters written by another member. (There are some who cannot sign due to their job or position in local or state government.)

The event will be held on Monday, August 29 from 10 AM to 12 PM at 1143 Country Club Drive, Minden.  Take Rt. 395 to Stephanie Way.  Head east to the third street on your left (South Santa Barbara).  Turn left into the Saratoga Springs Development.  At the first stop sign, turn left onto Country Club.  My house is the 7th house on the left.

Please RSVP at 775-267-3982 by Friday, August 26th.

Next NV State Democratic Central Cmtee Mtg Scheduled

The next NSDP Central Committee meeting will be held in Tonopah, NV on Saturday September 17.  This will include a VAN training for the rurals at 9:00 AM.   Leora Olivas and Marla Turner are working on the agenda. Training participants will need to be approved in advance by Cindy. That way State will know you have been approved for access to county records.

Please RSVP to Cindy at or 775-338-1561 if you are attending the State Central Committee Meeting and/or the VAN training.


Location: Ramada Inn Tonopah Station
1137 S Main Street – Tonopah, NV 89049

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

09:00 AM – Rural Caucus VAN Training
10:00 AM – Committee Meetings
11:30 AM – Executive Board Meeting
12:30 PM – Member At Large E-Board Election (Clark County)
01:00 PM – General Central Committee Meeting
04:00 PM – Adjournment

  • Ramada Inn Tonopah Station
    1137 S Main Street. Tonopah, NV 89049
    Phone: (775) 482-9777
    Room Rate: $59.50 per person ($64.86 with tax)
    Call to reserve room, website says no rooms are available but that’s an error
  • Jim Butler Inn & Suite
    100 S. Main Street, Tonopah, NV 89049
    Phone: (775) 482-3577
    Room Rate: $63.22
  • Clown Motel* 521 N. Main ST., Tonopah, NV 89049
    Phone: (775) 482-5920
    Room Rate: $37.61 (incl. Tax); Double Rooms just $39.79
    *Next to Tonopah’s Historic Miners Cemetery in case you’re uncomfortable with that

Are You Considering Running for Office?

Are you considering running for some office but you don’t know all the ins and outs … and you don’t have a lot of money to pay for training to figure it all out?  Well here’s your chance to learn all kinds of things that will help you succeed.  Starting next week DFA is going to give you the skills to recruit and prepare local progressives to run for office – all you have to do is sign up!

Register for the Spring Semester of DFA Night School!

This semester of Night School will tackle the question of ‘Getting a Campaign Off the Ground’. Every Wednesday for the next three weeks we’ll provide an interactive online training for grassroots progressives that will help us identify and prepare the best progressive candidates for the 2012 elections.

Recruiting Candidates
Wednesday May 25th – 8:30pm Eastern

How to Launch Your Campaign
Wednesday June 1st – 8:30pm Eastern

Start up Fundraising – Budgeting
Wednesday June 8th – 8:30pm Eastern

Sign up for all three of these free interactive trainings here.

If we want to have great Democratic candidates to work for in 2012, then we need to get to work right now.  Register for DFA Night School today and learn how to get a local progressive campaign off the ground in your community.

It May Not Be A Free-for-All … UPDATED


May 20, 2011

“I have asked the Attorney General’s office to appeal the First Judicial District Court’s May 19th ruling in the case Nevada Republican Party vs. State of Nevada to the Nevada Supreme Court. We are still awaiting the written order of the court and may have further statements once it is issued. The start of candidate filing will be postponed pending the entry of the court’s written order.”

Ross Miller

Yesterday, after hearing 2 hours of oral arguments, District Judge James Todd Russell declared that two different provisions governing elections make state law confusing.  His decision overturned Secretary of State Ross Miller’s ruling that would have allowed any qualified candidate to run on the September 13th ballot to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by Dean Heller.  Incidentally, that’s the exact ruling the Republican Party sought to receive to enhance their ability to hold onto the House seat.

It remains to be seen whether Judge Russell’s decision will be appealed to Nevada’s Supreme Court.  A three-day candidate filing period was to have begun Monday. In his ruling, Russell granted an injunction delaying that process until June 30 to give parties a chance to choose their candidate.

A special election law, passed after Sept. 11, 2001, which is intended to handle unexpected House vacancies, says there should be no primary election. That same law also directed the Secretary of State  to adopt regulations on how the process would be conducted. Ironically, Dean Heller as Secretary of State when that law was enacted, however, Mr. Heller failed to promulgate or adopt such a process.

According to Judge Russell, candidates must be “nominated” before filing a declaration of candidacy, stating, “A separate statute says the major parties’ central committees and the minor parties’ executive committees should nominate candidates when there’s a vacancy.”  Judge Russell also said that  it also didn’t seem fair for Miller to set different rules for major and minor parties.

Judge Russell’s ruling today will allow the parties to select a nominee and will prevent a splintering of the GOP slate.  It’s also going to make it more challenging for Tea Party favorite, Sharron Angle, to find a spot on the September 12 ballot.  It remains to be seen if she will run as a third-party candidate and split the Republican vote.

The next Democratic Central Committee Meeting is currently scheduled for June 25th in Tonopah, NV.  Stay tuned to see if that date changes.  This is one  State Democratic Central Committee you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Camping Out at the Legislature

Bob Fulkerson, director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), addresses campers at the Legislative building in Carson City Tuesday, May 17. At right is Gim Hollister, former chair of both the Douglas Democratic Central Committee and the Rural Democratic Caucus in Nevada, who set up his tent and joined several organizations camped on the Legislature grounds Monday and Tuesday nights to advocate for the Democratic tax package.

“We Are One” Rallies this Weekend

Nevada labor unions, community partners, students, and parents are joining together to raise public awareness that the Governor’s drastic budget cuts (in combination with Federal Budget cuts) will dismantle education. And, the Republican Legislators’ solution to the budget crisis is an assault on workers. Eliminating collective bargaining, workers’pensions, health benefits and prevailing wage is a misguided attempt to take away workers rights.

Join the “We are One, Respect Our Rights” action to demand areasonable solution to the state budget crisis.

April 4, 2011 … 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Register for Carson City @  Western Nevada College … 2201 W. College Parkway
Register for Las Vegas Rally @ College of Southern Nevada, Charleston Campus

Learn more about We Are One at their website.  Check out the Resources tab