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3 thoughts on “Blue Notes Newsletters

  1. Judy Spees

    Check out Your candidate’s site. INVITE her to your events. You will like her mobile campaign office. Where can we email pictures for your site? Kristen is running for US House Of Representatives Dist 2

  2. Layla McCarter

    I won the bid for the barbeque and s’mores etc. at the Nevada state convention. I paid $100 of the $110 owed and took my prize home. I still owe $10 they said they’d call. I noticed also the the grill that belongs in the bbq is not there because the bbq was used to display the items. Everyone was in a hurry at the end so perhaps u have the grill somewhere and I can pick it up and give u the remaining $10. Please contact me asap. Thank u & thanks for the great items.

    1. kimimcole

      Thank you for your winning bid and letting us know who won!
      I left the grill with one of the state party reps when we left Las Vegas on Sunday morning.
      I’ll track down information where to get it so you’ll have a complete grill.
      Best regards,
      Kimi Cole


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