Upcoming Caucus to Convention Hearings

The Nevada State Democratic Party has announced the creation of a special committee called the Caucus to Convention Committee. The Caucus to Convention Committee will be responsible for proposing recommendations to the Nevada State Democratic Party.
Being an early caucus state allows Nevada to be on the forefront of determining our Democratic presidential candidates- it is important that we maintain our First in the West status!

The following dates have been scheduled in northern Nevada:
Saturday, March 17- Reno (Washoe Democrats Headquarters) 10 am to 1 pm
Saturday, April 28- Fallon (Old Post Office, 90 N Maine St, Fallon) 10 am to 1 pm

If you have suggestions about how to improve future caucus and convention processes, these are great opportunities to present your ideas, and join the discussions to improve the caucus/convention process.

These recommendations include ideas around the preparation and execution of our presidential caucus, the process of the county and state conventions, and other potential reforms. Our focus and objective will be increasing the participation of registered Nevada Democrat in the process. The committee is scheduling a total of five public meetings. Each meeting will have a theme and will include presentations from stakeholders and allow for public comments. The themes are the following: DNC Unity Commission Recommendations; Precinct Caucuses; County Conventions; and the State Convention.

The public is encouraged to submit comments via this form:  CLICK HERE

For further information, or if you plan to attend in person, please contact KimiMCole@gmail.com