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 Contact your representatives:

Senator Dean Heller: 202-224-6244

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: 202-224-3542

Representative Mark E. Amodei: 202-225-6155

State Sen. James A. Settelmeyer: 775-450-6114

State Rep. Jim Wheeler: 775-546-3471

Douglas Democrats 2016 Holiday Party

brightened the post-election mood!



Volunteers from every area of the US to help GOTV in Douglas County!


Douglas Democrats met Thursday, October 27

Elections and parties and 2017, oh my!


Full House in Douglas County

September 22, 2016

Douglas Democrats welcomed candidates for our local school boards, Larry Lippmann, Linda Gilkerson and Mike Kiger. Sara Lafrance, candidate for Board of Regents, joined us, as well as Jennifer Crowe and Jenny Heyman speaking in support of Question 1, Background Checks. Keynote speaker Doug Goodman, Nevada Election Modernization and Reform Act (NEMRA) presented potential options to increase effectiveness of our voting system, to increase voter engagement and decrease friction that stems from political divisiveness.

It will be very busy leading up to elections on November 8, so check back often for updates!


d_goodman kg_dc_ma l_gilkerson l_lippmann m_kiger question1 s_lafrance

DCDCC 25 Aug 16 - 1Democratic activist Carlos Pérez Campbell

Latino Outreach Director- Chip Evans for Congress

Rocked the Douglas County Democrats’ meeting on August 25!

DCDCC 25 Aug 16 - 4

DCDCC 25 Aug 16 - 3

Vice Chair Mike Avila, Chair Kimi Cole, Carlos Pérez-Campbell, Latino Outreach director- Chip Evans for Congress

Douglas Democrats BBQ 2016

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Gim and Kimiphoto courtesy of Pat Stanley

Democratic National Convention 2016

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Carson Valley Days 2016

Northern Nevada Democrats out in Force

IMG_1162(Photo, courtesy of Chip Evans)

IMG_1166(Photos, courtesy of Pat Stanley)

Northern Nevada Democrats presented a strong showing in the recent Carson Valley Days parade. Also joining us for the event were Congressional candidates Chip Evans and Dr. Vance Alm, as well as representatives from Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto’s campaign. Carson Valley enjoyed a morning of perfect walking/riding weather and the positive interactions along the parade route with local residents demonstrated that Democrats are alive and well in Douglas County!

 Friday, at the Nevada State Fair in Carson City, northern Nevada Democrats working together.


L-R- Matt Kostalek, Chip Evans, Laynette Evans, Rebecca Goff, Marty McGarry, Cory Hernandez, CJ Miller, Kimi Cole

Carson City, Lyon, Washoe and Douglas counties were all represented on Friday evening in Carson City

Nevada State Democratic Convention


Douglas Delegates in Las Vegas, 5/14/16

Douglas Democrats’ numbers have grown steadily from approximately 4000 when headquarters opened in 2008 to the current count of over 8500! We work diligently to keep the presence of Democrats strong in Douglas County, as well as bringing top Democratic candidates and speakers on topics of current interest. Your contribution, regardless of size, will help us maintain our presence as Douglas County strives to lead rural Nevada in Democratic activities and support! Click on link above to make contributions securely online. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events!

It is an ongoing goal of DCDCC to engage leaders in a variety of areas to present timely information about issues of current interest. Keep your eyes on this website for exciting upcoming events and presentations! We encourage all who would like to become voting Central Committeepersons to join us- this is a great opportunity to get involved (or re-involved) with progressives in Douglas County! If you would like to bring any new business to the CC meeting, please advise Chair Kim Cole in advance-

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7 Responses to “Douglas Dems News”

  1. Brian Dempsey Says:

    Please come to our next Central Committee meeting in January!

  2. Frederick Says:

    Wow! At last I got a website from where I can actually take helpful facts regarding my study and knowledge.

  3. Peggy Powell Says:

    It is wonderful seeing DCDW and Democrats so strong in Douglas County. I have such fond memories of being one of the founders of DCDW. I think the wind is at our backs in the coming elections. To have a woman senator from Nevada would be a dream come true. Peggy Powell, now living in LasVegas

  4. Deborah Palmer Moretto Says:

    Please add Deborah Palmer Moretto to your mailing/notice list. Thank you.

    PO Box 97, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

  5. Jeanne Larson Says:

    Three things have made me realize that it time to move to Gardnerville and get more active. The first is Deceitful Donald and the second is the increase in medicare premiums. Paul Ryan wants to genocide seniors. Time for action – Jeanne Larson

  6. WF Errington Says:

    Hello Kimi, Thanks for all you do!!! Am I the only person that thinks voting is nothing but fantasy ( Thinking it matters when only the Electoral College Vote counts??). It’s seems that after Al Gore WON And then lost we would have gotten rid of the Electoral College? Now here we are again?? I’m outraged Hillary WON by approximately 3 million votes more than this whole state in population and Lost!!! Unbelievable everyone is talking about party’s and governorships when the whole Electoral College is a scam I’m sorry to say!! Also the Primary’s should all be held the SAME DAY that way they can’t say ooo Trumps got traction he won Rhode Island like it’s a big deal come on it’s just another government scam to keep the people thinking there vote counts wouldn’t you say? I’ve voted and donated my whole life and I have to say that I will never waste my time or money again unless the Democrats step up and go after the REAL PROBLEM or it will just happen again?? I am completely let down by the Democratic Party for not embracing this 16 years ago when Gore won and we got Bush ( The worst President in history)and we all know how that turned out!!! Although this guy President Twitler is going to make Bush look like a quire boy!!! God 🙏🏼 For Us All!!!🌴

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